Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to spam my email?

Nope. Your email can be used ONLY in two ways: 1) account password reset 2) Lukas (@lnowaczek) contacting you directly to ask if you want to be an admin of a language you contributed to.

I found a bug / have a feature request. Who should I contact?

Shoot an email at or ping @lnowaczek on Twitter.

I added some translations but they aren't visible in the game!

After you add a translation, it must be approved by an admin. Each language have separate admins. If given language have no admins, we will contact most active people and invite them to be an admin for given language.

I have found a string that's not used in the game!

It can happen. If you think you found an old/unused string, please report it to

I can't translate given string to my language!

We know that some things can't be translated to other languages because of grammar issues. If you'll encounter such issue, send an email describing it to